About Us


Jameel Aldar Company, via reliance upon its managers’ 20-year commercial and economic activities, has begun its activities in trade and production of perfumes and their export to GCC countries.

Our Products

Carneli DUBAI

Carneli brand emerged in Paris and has currently reached Dubai, after covering a long distance. The luxury design, hand-made boxes and extraordinary perfumes are the specifications of this French brand.


baroque brand is a reminder of luxurious perfumes which attract the attention of customers with their memorable and ever-lasting scents, while maintaining European designs.

Production of perfumes with your brand

Our experts carry out all of the phases of production of perfumes for you. The phases of production of perfumes begin with consultations with the related experts on the bond between perfumes and individuals’ culture, gender, age, and interests. Gaining an understanding of the expansiveness of the targeted market marks the first step in manufacturing a successful product.


Perfume consultation

Production of perfumes is not only an expertise, but also a conceptual art

Given the vast number of nets; creation of new perfumes is always feasible. But, only an artist can create a perfume which is etched in the minds of people. In the second step, our experts select and combine several scents, presenting them to you, thereby enabling you to make your choices. This process continues until you fulfill your goal.


One initially sees a flower before smelling it

Following the production of perfumes, designing perfumes’ packaging commences. Products’ packaging highly impacts and contributes to products’ final price, transportation cost and sale. The design of a perfume is a key factor in you publicity campaign. In order to achieve a good design; the targeted market and everyday trends should be taken into consideration.

Provision of raw material

Upon the approval of perfumes, the raw material needed  for production of perfumes is provided. There are many producers in this realm across the globe. The advisors to this company assist you in provision of the best raw material in the needed quantity with your own considered budget. The quality, cost and duration of transportation are factors which should be fully studied in order to make the best choice for provision of raw material.

Final Product

Jameel Aldar Company,  which renders advanced technology in production of perfumes tries to provide best services for its customers. State of the art facilities, alongside the seasoned experts of this company, provide the best route for production and packaging of perfumes. Given the high capacity of this company’s production, the final product is manufactured and supplied to market swiftly.

Perfume production

Export marketing

Having developed an adequate knowledge of the culture and current demands as well as the analysis of demand increase periods in GCC counties, JAMEEL ALDAR Company offers export marketing services to its customers.

In this firm, we strive to respond to all customer needs by offering comprehensive services including consultation, market analysis, product preparation, and goods transit and distribution in the destination country.